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Height adjustment could never be easier than with the 70-TRN Transformer T-base. With your choice of two (2) height ranges, our Transformer-T is geared to accommodate both sitting and standing work station heights. Ideal for use with ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant applications, adjustment is achieved by simply setting your foot on the base and lifting the surface; the mechanism within the column will automatically adjust to the next level. To lower the surface lift it to its highest level and it will release and slowly descend to the lowest position. No locks, no levers, no cranks, no cylinders, no pins, etc. Our Transformer series of bases out-performs all others with it's ease of use and versatility.

    Adjustable Height: (2 sizes): 24-3/4" to 32-3/4" and 27-3/4" to 39-3/4"Construction: 1 piece welded columnFinish: Black (standard)Lead Time: Standard Black finish - 2-3 weeks. Require 2-1/2 to 3 week lead time for twelve (12) powder coat finishesColumn diameter: 2-3/8"Base spread: 18", 22", 26"Mounting plate: 12" x 12" x .236" thickness; requires (8) #12-14 screwsLeveler foot allows additional 1-1/4" upward height adjustment for uneven floorsHeight adjustment: 24-3/4" to 32-3/4", 27-3/4" to 39-3/4"330 lbs. vertical load rating per set of two basesPricing is per leg
Base SpreadWeightRecommended Max. Top DepthHeight Adjustible 18"12 lbs.18" - 22"24-3/4" to 32-3/4"18"14 lbs.18" - 22"27-3/4" to 39-3/4"22"13 lbs.23" - 30"24-3/4" to 32-3/4"22"15 lbs.23" - 30"27-3/4" to 39-3/4"26"14 lbs. 30" - 36"24-3/4" to 32-3/4"26"16 lbs.30" - 36"27-3/4" to 39-3/4"

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