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Datavideo hs-1500t production studio sold by for $6995

Item description
Mobile livestreaming just got easier! Do it with the DataVideo HS-1500T Production Studio (3 Camera) from DVE Store!

What's in the Box
    1x HS-1500T 3x PTC-140T

The Datavideo HS-1500T Mobile Cast bundle is the ultimate portable live video production and streaming solution for many applications such as schools, corporate, live event, church, and government.

This single operator solution streamlines your workflow using high-quality and low latency AV over IP protocol called HDBaseT. Communication between the Datavideo PTZ Camera and video switcher uses a single cat6e cable which provides power, video, camera control and tally simplifying your setup and streamlining your workflow.

The very portable and compact HS-1500T is at the heart of this single operator system. It’s suitcase style form factor with handle opens up in minutes and contains everything that you need to produce professional results. It has a built-in 17” broadcast quality monitor, it includes special effects like keying for lower 3rd graphics and title overlays, Scalable PIP, split screen, wipes, and cross dissolve transitions.

More importantly the HS-1500T has built in PTZ remote camera control. The tactile controls include joystick for pan/tilt functions, z-dial for zoom, plus you can store and recall up to 4 memory position presets per camera. Accessing the menu functions on each camera can be done directly from the switcher truly making this high-quality production system effective for a single operator.

The PTC-140T cameras are the latest 20x optical zoom PTZ Cameras from Datavideo and provide professional results for IMAG, streaming and recording your events. Connect the cameras with a single cat6 cable directly to the switcher provides quick setup in minutes. Place your PTZ cameras on standard tripods using the ¼ mount, run your single cat6 cable up to 100 meters to the switcher and you are setup. Power over Ethernet from the HS-1500T ensures no need to power the cameras locally and doesn’t require a network to connect.

Datavideo’s optional precision laser cut case supports up to 3 PTC-140T cameras, power supply for the HS-1500T and a space for cat6e cables and a small program monitor.

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