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When you need to maintain a large-sized property, you need something big. QSpray has the 100-gallon sprayer perfect for your weed and pest control needs.

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50-Gallon Gas-Powered Skid Mount Spray Rig

Model #: QES50 Gas

Safety, Reliability and Ease of Maintenance

Voted #1 Pest & Weed Gas Sprayer By Our Customers


5 Reasons Why Our Customers Love The QES50 Gas!

    Comes with industry’s ONLY 90-Day money back guarantee Versatile Pump sprays pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers! Raised reel for easy access & use every day Raised skid design makes it easy to keep your truck clean & professional looking Designed for ease of maintenance

General Description

With its 50-gallon tank, Honda 5.5 HP Engine, Comet MC25 Dual Diaphragm Pump, Cox Hose Reel, 300’ of 3/8” heavy-duty spray hose & Green Garde Spray Gun all on a heavy-duty frame, the QES100 is the most reliable, heavy-duty sprayer you’ll ever use.

Perfect For: most pest, landscape, termite, weed &

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