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Introducing the stunningly beautiful and simply designed Fjords Ida Sofa! The Ida sofa is available in a 2-Seat option and a 3-Seat option. 

Have questions about the Fjords Ida Sofa, or need to speak with a Fjords Sales Specialist? Fjords Sales Specialist are available to answer any questions and offer further guidance in purchasing Fjords furniture. To reach a specialist by phone, call 888-486-9463. 

Warranty Information Fjords Warranty service Provides the Ordering and shipping of replacements components as noted: - 10 Years for the metal frame and all steel mechanical functions- comfort, and Design. -5 Years for any wood, plastic, or foam components. -3 Years for Swing Relaxer mechanisms and power components. -2 Years on covers: a. This is not an unlimited warranty. b. For Fabric: this is a warranty against pilling or wear through only. c. For Leather: this is a warranty against wear through or tearing only. It does not warrant against soiling, especially soiling caused by sweat and other bodily fluids. d. It does not warrant against fade or color loss. - In almost every case, Fjords will replace or repair any component that has failed that is under warranty. Only in the most unusual of circumstances will they consider replacing the whole product. The option to replace the whole product rest solely upon Fjords..

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"The fabric has a nice feel and overall its a very comfy sofa."
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