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Bechstein instruments are tailored to the needs of demanding piano players, and have been inspiring music lovers the world over for more than 160 years.

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Product Description THE PREMIUM CLASS

Top-quality upright and grand pianos made in Germany. Become part of the Bechstein legend!

A parlor grand piano with a professional profile

The C. Bechstein R&D department developed the premium Bechstein pianos taking into account the brandโ€™s great tradition. Accordingly, all Bechstein instruments stand out not only for their wide dynamic range and noble voice, but also for their fantastic, professional-quality action that boasts special hammerheads made by C. Bechstein, Germany.

An incredible wealth of nuances! Bechstein A 190 parlor grand piano: your gateway to the magic of the Bechstein world.


Professional manufacturing

The C. Bechstein pianos are manufactured in Germany taking into account the latest discoveries in the field of material technology. Long-term testing performed at the C. Bechstein production site determines the effect of even the slightest alteration of the original design, so that every acoustic assembly corresponds exactly to the targeted ideal. Nothing is left to chance thanks to automatic communication between the various machines, while manual post-processing of the action and acoustic assemblies make a jewel out of every B 190 parlor grand piano. C.Bechstein: the epitome of durability, beauty of sound and playing comfort.

Several DVDs are available that illustrate the unique production processes us

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