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This is the fourth kit in the series you will need to build the KR-2S airframe.

With this kit you will have everything needed to finish and close out your wings. 

For more information about nV|Aero's acquisition of Diehl Aero-Nautical's KR Division read this article.

How to Order?:

    See Details at Bottom of Page

Product Features:

    Save Months on your Build Time with Pre-molded Wing Skins No Special Tools or Skills Required Sturdy and Lightweight Composite and High Density Foam Core Construction Flight Tested for Over 25 Years

What’s Included:

    Stub Wing Skins (2 Panels you cut to your desired dimensions) Diehl Outer Wing Skins (4 Panels) Pre-assembled Forward and Aft Outer Wing Spars (4 Spars) Plyfoam Ribs (No templates or spruce fabrication required) Vinelyster Epoxy to Laminate Wing Skins to Spars and Ribs

Product Specifications:

    Wing Length: 97.5 in. Wing Chord: 48 in. at root, 30 in. at tip Surface Area: 82 sqft Weight: 9 lbs per panel Airfoil: RAF 48

Technical Details & Compatibility:

    Compatibility: These spars and wing skins are guaranteed to work with our Group 2 kit's center spars.


    AS 5046 Airfoil Wing Upgrade

Ordering Information

Shipping Details:

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