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W.hoffmann wh-126p professional piano sold by for $28999

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A beautiful work of art, suitable for serious piano player and or student.

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A rich sound that pleases even professional pianists.

The W.Hoffmann WH-126P Professional upright is made in Europe and delivers unique value for money.

Developed to meet the expectations of professional pianists and integrating a high standard of craftsmanship,

The WH-126P piano  stands out for it's stands out for its subtle voice and excellent touch.

Thanks to the hammerheads’ special geometry and the new definition of the lever ratios within the action,

the W.Hoffmann WH-126P Professional model boasts an elegant touch that charms both advanced amateurs and professional pianists.

W.Hoffmann Professional: Affordable Professional Pianos made by C.Bechstein.The new models in the W.Hoffmann Professional line pianos – meet all the requirements of professional pianists: Acoustic assembly with a special design for optimum sound. · Cast-iron frame of superior design and engineering.· Large soundboard, carefully processed to optimise sound diffusion.· Back frame of both the upright and grand pianos with a

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