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Feniex typhoon handheld siren sold by for $219.99

Item description

The Feniex Typhoon Handheld Siren is an all in one 100-Watt siren and controller for your lighting system. The Handheld Typhoon is a fully integrated system featuring seven tone selection buttons and six programmable outputs for external lighting built onto the handheld controller which also functions as the microphone. The Handheld Typhoon is perfect for POV and smaller light setups without all of the outputs of an all-in-one controller. The amplifier can easily hide under a seat with the controller discretely mounted to maintain cover.


What's in the Box:
    (1) Feniex Typhoon Handheld Siren Mounting Hardware
Mounting Options:
    Use included hardware for the siren and full function controller
Tech Specs:
    100-Watt power output siren Integrated relay in siren Seven siren tone buttons Six programmable momentary or on/off buttons (outputs/lights) Integrated two output wigwag capability Buttons programmable for on/off or momentary Integrated Horn Ring, Park Kill, Radio Rebroadcast capabilities Integrated microphone for PA functionality Dimensions of amplifier: 2.53" H x 4.84" L x 7.4" W Dimensions of control head: 2.43" H x 6.77" L x 1.8" W Cast aluminum amplifier h

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Reviews of Feniex typhoon handheld siren - FEN-C-5017

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feniex typhoon handheld siren buyers from say...
"Great all in one no mess. The only thing I'm really disappointed in is that Fenix took away the hidden tones. but overall a great unit "
feniex typhoon handheld siren buyers from say...
"This siren is great size, easy to install, and best of all it doesn't have a large box like the standard sirens we are use to. Very discreet and easy to use. And enjoyed messing with all the tone options!"
feniex typhoon handheld siren buyers from say...
"It was packaged very well. Came With everything you need to install."
feniex typhoon handheld siren buyers from say...
"This is a great siren, and easy to install. Might be too many choices for siren tones, how many do you really need? Love the option to choose momentary selection to override base tone. Found custom labels for this siren that identify what tone is programmed at!/Feniex-Typhoon-Handheld-Siren-Legends/p/100686266/category=21656170 The sticker set also includes a bump out protection for the power switch (which seems a little exposed to my hands and I have turned the siren off while responding). All told, very pleased with this purchase and the performance."
feniex typhoon handheld siren buyers from say...
"Great product. Will be ordering more in the future for other equipment! "
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