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Feniex am600 beacon sold by for $99.99

Item description

Send the signal with the Feniex AM600 Beacon. Easy to install, easy to use, and reliability when you need it most. Perfect for any public works, security, or commercial vehicle. Available in Amber, Blue, Red, White, or Green, the AM600 LED Beacon Light combines brightness, quality, affordability, and functionality with multiple mounting options, 20 flash patterns, and the ability to sync up to six beacons!


What's in the Box:
    (1) Feniex AM600 Beacon Permanent Mount
Mounting Options:

 (included) (sold separately) (sold separately, pole not included)

Tech Specs:
    Available colors: Amber, Red, Blue, White, or Green 20 flash patterns each featuring fast and slow speeds Permanent mount included

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Reviews of Feniex am600 beacon

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feniex am600 beacon buyers from say...
"Best for the money, hands down."
feniex am600 beacon buyers from say...
"We have purchased 6 of these lights so far. We are impressed with the quality up to this point. We have had some of the lights for approx. one year plus and the other four are new. We like the lights but have one complaint. The complaint is that the rotating option that has a slow and fast 360 rotation is not satisfactory on the fast rotating option. We would like the fast option to rotate 360 at a little faster rate than what it is set at now from the manufacturer. Thanks for allowing us to input into your product. Patrick Sicard"
feniex am600 beacon buyers from say...
"This is by far the best replacement for a rotating light that I have ever bought. The light is bright and the installation is a breeze"
feniex am600 beacon buyers from say...
"Bright light that is easily seen in the sunlight. Very pleased with the flash patterns. UBL had the light to me within two days using its flat rate shipping. Overall extremely pleased with the purchase. "
feniex am600 beacon buyers from say...
"Lights provide more than adequate flash. Easy to install, great lights for apparatus "
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