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    W.Hoffmann T128 Upright Piano, made by C.Bechstein. European hand built quality describes this magnifivent W.Hoffmann T 128 in one word, awsesome! Beautifull harmonious tone, an instrument on which one can "feel at home" Classic styling and traditional production really make this piano stand out from the rest.
Tradition W.Hoffmann T 128


Why does the W.HOFFMANN Tradition T 128 upright piano convince even you? You love a harmonious, balanced tone, flawless playing experience, an instrument on which you feel at home? Then quality from Europe is just the thing for you, because the art of piano making has its home here. And because in Europe there is a natural feel for this craft. C. Bechstein - the German premium manufacturer - is now building something new: pianos which are very affordable and just to your standards: W.HOFFMANN, by C. Bechstein Europe. Hand Made by a company with over 160 years experience building pianos.ย Still more the reason why this W.HOFFMANN Tradition upright T 128 is favorable.

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