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Feniex 4-output flasher sold by for $49.99

Item description
The Feniex Flasher features 4-outputs and three programmable modes, the Feniex Flasher does not lack in functionality or flexibility.

The Feniex Flasher features four outputs and three programmable modes, allowing for functionality and flexibility. It connects your lights to 21 flash pattern options and acts as the brain of the module. The product can also be easily installed in any interior part of the vehicle.


Tech Specs:
    Dimensions: 4" x 2.625" x 1" Input Voltage: 12VDC Each output handles up to 5 amps Not waterproof, installs in vehicle interior Features up to four outputs and three programmable modes Includes 21 flash patterns Compatible with all Feniex products Three modes that allow you to program different override settings Programmable +/- output: Four channels can be set to output 12V+ voltage or 12V- voltage



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Reviews of Feniex 4-output flasher

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feniex 4-output flasher buyers from say...
"This flasher can be used in many different applications, very versatile. Feneix should provide more detailed instructions with examples of different applications. "
feniex 4-output flasher buyers from say...
"Works great"
feniex 4-output flasher buyers from say...
"Works great for LED's and Halogen bulbs! However at only 5 amps per output I would not recommend this for the XENON HID lights (the high end expensive lights with the ballast). Thats the only downfall I see. Customer Service was great, very knowledgeful. Fast Shipping. This is a great unit for the price. "
feniex 4-output flasher buyers from say...
"Flasher is exactly as described, fast shipping. Great product. "
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