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This is the second kit in the series you will need to build the KR-2S airframe.

With this kit, you will have everything needed to build your tail and install your center wing spars.  Additionally you will have the parts required to install your rudder control assemblies, flight control stick and rig your rudder and elevators. 

For more information about the NACA 63009 Empennage read this article.

How to Order?:

    See Details at Bottom of Page

Product Features:

    Complete Your Tail in Days Rather than Months Easily Laminate Tail Skins onto Precut Spruce Spars and Stiffeners More Consistent End Product Very Little Body Work Required No Special Tools or Skills Required

What’s Included:

    Fast Build Empennage Kit
      Pre-molded Empennage Wing Skins (Horizontal Stab, Vertical Stab, Rudder & Elevators) Precut and Tapered Spruce Spars and Stiffeners for Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers Precut and Tapered Spruce Spars and Stiffeners for Elevators and Rudder T-88 Structural Adhesive  Anodized Hinges (Optional Rod End Bearing Kit) Aluminum for Control Horns and Bell Crank
    Center Wing Spars
      Forward Center Wing Spar Aft Center Wing Spar Wing Attach Fittings (WAFs)
    Flight Controls
      Single Control Stick Assembly (Optional Dual Control Stick) Flap Handle (Optional Electric Flaps/Speed Brake Kit with Relay and Panel Mount) Rudder Pedal Assembly and Mounting Blocks Cable Pulley and Turnbuckle kit for Single Control Stick Assembly

Product Specifications:

    Pre-molded Empennage Skins Composite Construction High Density Foam Cores Pre-cut and Tapered Empennage Spars Pre-assembled Center Wing Spars

Technical Details & Compatibility:

    Compatibility: Wing Spars work with Diehl a

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