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2 bay shelving offer deal sold by for £598.76

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2 bay heavy duty shelving special offer. These 2 bays can be quickly assembled & hold up to 540kg UDL per shelf. 30 year guarantee and free delivery!

    4 Shelf Special Offer with protective caps and feet Each high density 15mm chipboard shelf can hold up to 540kg UDL 2mm thick heavy duty structural quality steel construction with a durable paint finish Quick boltless assembly- all you need is a heavy duty mallet available separately Adjustable shelves- Every 38mm All shelves can be accessed from any side as no stability bracing is required Available in Blue and Orange and Blue with a depth of 610mm Tested to FEM- Suitable for daily use in an industrial setting 30 year guarantee Remember to order tie plates for joining additional bays Can be assembled with additional shelf levels Customise your shelving with a wide selection of Rapid 1 accessories including mesh cladding, notice plates, retaining hoops and labelling For further information see our Rapid 1 Product Guide

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