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Buy Casio XW-H1 Headphones - Black from Austin Bazaar. Visit our website for free shipping and discount coupons.

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Casio XW-H1 Headphones - BlackAustin Bazaar is an authorized Casio dealer. Balanced, clear sound with nothing added and nothing left outEncapsulated comfort-fit ear pads for focused listeningDetachable, tangle-free flat cableFolding headband for portability and protectionBlackTough and lightweight, XW SERIES HEADPHONES are designed to keep pure sound flowing without interruption. Innovations include a flexible headband and a straight headphone jack permitting low-stress connectivity. This same high performance naturally extends to sound quality as well. Their cool, clear sound is never tiring, but endlessly refreshing.FeaturesBalanced, clear sound with nothing added and nothing left outXW-H headphones were designed by audiophiles to faithfully reproduce accurate, natural sound across the entire audio spectrum, from crisp, clear trebles to rich, deep bass notes. They meet the most exacting standards of audio quality so you hear music exactly the way the artists intended.Encapsulated comfort-fit ear pads for focused listeningThe ear pads were selected through extensive testing to be comfortable to wear even during long mixing sessions and provide superior isolation from background noise so you can avoid distractions and focus on the music.Detachable, tangle-free flat cableA flat cable design eliminates tangles and makes it easy to store the headphones while on the move, and the high-definition cable is detachable for easy replacement. You'll never have to untangle the cable again. Just put on your headphones and start listening.Folding headband for portability and protectionThese headphones were designed with on-the-go professional DJs in mind. The folding headband ensures that the headphones fit easily and store securely in a DJ bag to protect them during travel between clubs. This uniquely designed headband is both durable and surprisingly lightweight: you won't even

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