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Electric 1200kg UDL Pallet Truck. The Pramac EVO CX12 has potent EVO semi-traction batteries for a long-life and highest number of charging cycles. Free delivery!

    The truck comes with potent EVO semi-traction batteries for a higher number of charging cycles and a longer life. The small size and tight turning radius make this truck ideal for work in smaller areas. The โ€œTortoiseโ€ push-button allows for slow-motion work while the tiller is upright. The magnetic AC drive both increases performance and quietens noise. Suitable for carrying loads on smooth or paved surfaces. Features a safety push-button, complete with a warning buzzer. The tiller has an ergonomic and comfortable grip, with full fingertip control. The two stabilizing wheels help movement, even on tricky surfaces. User-friendly steering and controls. A luminous indicator shows the battery state. The butterfly valves give excellent traction control.

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