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The ChillowPLUS Comfort Device works great and will keep you cool for hours.


NEW ChillowPLUS Comfort Device - Soothes and Cools


2-Way Cooling Has Arrived! The new ChillowPLUS has twice the soothing, "Chillow" power!


If you enjoy the original Chillow Comfort Device, then you're sure to love the new ChillowPLUS Comfort Device. It has both a cool top and bottom sheet so cooling can be enjoyed on both sides. If your head is on one side, your hands can be tucked underneath keeping them cool as well.

The new ChillowPLUS Comfort Device holds up to 80 oz. of water which means more cooling capacity for longer periods. Many Chillow users love the original Chillow, but wished that the cooling capacity was longer. Now, when the side you are resting on is no longer cool enough, simply flip it over and continue to enjoy the cool.

With Hydro-Soothe cooling on both sides, the ChillowPLUS wipes clean easily. Custom Velcro has also been provided so you can wrap the ChillowPLUS around injuries, burns and other medical needs (see your doctor first). If ice packs are too cold for that injury, the 2-way cooling action of the ChillowPLUS might just do the trick!

Also provided are "stick and grip" feet so users can customize the ChillowPLUS and use it for sleeping in various environments. The ChillowPLUS was made with a soothing, cool-blue top sheet of upgraded materials that will stay soft and comforting for years.

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