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    Electro-Mechanical Warning Siren - No speakers or amplifiers here, just real, honest, big-time, worry free sound.100% Maintenance Free - Not just a part of the siren, the whole system !!Non-rotating - Forget about the worries of rotating sirens, this unit only has two moving parts !!Mechanically produced sound - stronger and further reaching than electronically produced sound.Compatibility - this siren will integrate seamlessly with 99% of existing siren systems.Lifetime Tech Support is included with every siren - No matter how old your siren is, we will help you through any problems.Available Five Year Warranty - so you can rest assured your siren will be functional at all times.The NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) has given this siren family an expected useable life of 53 years!!
Near the top of the Sentry line, the 20V1T stands as the go to siren for tough jobs. Perfect for single or multiple siren installations, this 20 horsepower siren is FEMA and USDA grant compliant. This 20 Horsepower brute is rated at 125 dB(c) @ 100 ft. continuous*. Not just for 25% of its cycle time, like its rotating competitors, the 125 dB measurement is for 100% of its full volume run time. Plus, just like its younger brother, this 125 dB is available in a dual pitch 460/920Hz arrangement (20V2T), giving the user the perfect balance of penetration power and reflection benefit.The standard 20V1T will provide a dual 460 Hz  arrangement, the lowest pitch in the industry; meaning its sound will fade at a lower rate than its competitors, giving the user more distance per decibel.Of course, the 20V1T is available in either single or three phase power and can even be upgraded to battery functions by sel

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