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Item description

The Feniex Typhoon Full-Function Siren is an all in one 100-Watt siren and controller for your lighting system. The Full-Function Typhoon is a fully integrated system featuring a seven position rotary dial to quickly change tones, six programmable outputs for external lighting, and a removable microphone for PA function. The Full-Function Typhoon is perfect for POV and smaller light setups without all of the outputs of an all-in-one controller.


What's in the Box:
    (1) Feniex Typhoon Full Function Siren Mounting Hardware
Mounting Options:
    Use included hardware for the siren and full function controller Havis Faceplate For Feniex Typhoon Full Function Siren
Tech Specs:
    100-Watt power output siren Integrated relay in siren Seven position rotary dial for siren tones Six programmable momentary or on/off buttons (outputs/lights) Integrated two output wigwag capability Buttons programmable for on/off or momentary Integrated Horn Ring, Park Kill, Radio Rebroadcast capabilities Microphone included for PA functionality Dimensions of amplifier: 2.53" H x 4.84" L x 7.4" W Dimensions of controller: 4.9" H x 2.73" L x 1.34" W Cast aluminum amplifier housing

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Reviews of Feniex typhoon full function siren - FEN-C-4017

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feniex typhoon full function siren buyers from say...
"Easy to follow instructions. Everything is marked nicely. Smooth install."
feniex typhoon full function siren buyers from say...
"Very easy install and well functioning unit"
feniex typhoon full function siren buyers from say...
"Overall this controller is good, but there are a few quirks, and a few design problems. I am using this in a personally-owned vehicle in a fire service application. First off, buyers should be aware of the basic nature of this item. There’s six outputs on the siren box and six programmable buttons on the controller. One button, one output. This makes programming a breeze. It also precludes having a button programmed to turn on multiple independently-switched devices. For example, say you have front and rear warning lights. If you wanted one button as “Code 3” that turns on all the lights, you can do it by wiring all the lights to one output. Now you get on scene and want to kill the fronts but keep the rears going. Tough cookies, these are wired together, just as though you had them run through a physical switch. So while this is a highly versatile controller, describing it as “programmable” is a stretch. It’s really only programmable in that you can program any button to be either momentary or on/off, and can program any output to flash or steady burn. Build quality is very, very nice. The tactile feel of the buttons and control knob are great. On the fit and finish front, this controller is exceptionally good. The design is quirky, and seems oriented more towards building a huge feature list for marketing purposes than for actual emergency service use. I’m not familiar with an emergency services use-case which requires 3 different sets of continuous siren tones plus another 2 momentary siren tones and a “hands free” mode on the same control dial. In fact, having this many tones on one rotary dial is confusing when the operator is focused on driving. Likewise, there is an absurd number of flash patterns and siren tones in this thing, which is nice in that you can get it to do exactly what you want, but also makes programming tedious and time-consuming. While this device is swimming in features that are not very useful, there’s a few useful features missing. There’s no ignition sense switch and no way to rig one, it has to be turned on every time. The mic is hardwired into the unit. If you don’t have a need for it, there’s no way to remove it short of cutting it out. If you use it all the time, there’s no easy way to replace it when you wear it out. There’s a USB port on the side, and no explanation of what it is. This is tantalizing. Is this truly programmable? Firmware updatable? I have no idea. So, in sum, this controller is good, but not great. This said, if you compare it to every other unit on the market, and it’s either way smaller, way better built, way cheaper, or some combination of the three, so ultimately it’s a winner in spite of its shortcomings. I hope Feniex refines this design in the future, because they have the bones of a truly excellent controller here. "
feniex typhoon full function siren buyers from say...
"Loving it. Works great in my car and easy and quick to use. "
feniex typhoon full function siren buyers from say...
"When I received this equipment, I was blowing away that it was made of heavy duty metal. Honestly I was expecting cheap Chinese plastic. The instructions were not the best but the unit installed within 2 hours. I couldn't be more please. The additional AUX switches interfaced seamlessly with my lights. Highly recommend if your looking for a siren with AUX switches. I also would like to add UBL is a easy company to deal with. "
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