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The Pearl-2 Base Video Mixer from Epiphan is a powerful live production mixer that lets you create visually appealing live video programs by combining, encoding, switching, and recording up to six video sources and two audio sources.

What's in the Box
    Epiphan Pearl-2Ethernet cablePower cable (region specific)SDI cableHDMI cableDVI (female) to HDMI (male) adapterHard shell carrying case

Epiphan Pearl-2™ is the easiest way to do 4K live streaming, switching and recording. Reliable, simple live streaming with Pearl-2’s integrated live video production workflow. Manage your streaming, recording and live switching in one place with this all in one video encoder and video production system.

Video Connectors (inputs):(2) 12G SDI, (2) HDMI/ DVI, (2) 4K HDMI/ DVI Network Inputs:RTSP sources over IPResolutions:Nearly any input resolution up to 4096x2160HD video format options:4K HDMI, HDMI, 3G-SDI; 6G-SDI; 12G-SDI; HD-SDI; SD-SDI; DVI single link (through an adapter)Audio Connectors:(2) Stereo XLR(1) Stereo RCA(2) SDI audio(4) HDMI audioAnalog Audio Sensitivity:XLR Max signal: 12.3 V (RMS)RCA Max Signal: 2.45 V (RMS)Video Connectors (outputs):(2) 4K HDMI out with audio for local video display or larger confidence monitoringBuilt-in Display:Front touch screen display used for system information, confidence monitoring, simple configuration and recording controlAudio Output (3.5 mm audio):Front-mounted jack for confidence monitoringVideo Codecs:H.264, MPEG-4, Motion JPEGVideo Bit Rates:81-20 Mb/sKey Frame Intervals:ProgrammableColor Resolution:4:2:0O

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