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This is the first kit needed to build the KR-2S airframe. 

With this kit, you will have a completed boat with tail post installed and firewall completed in less than a week.  Our Fastbuild Fuselage or "Box to Boat", can be completed within just a few days.  This is a major breakthrough for builders wanting to kick start their project while shaving several months off their overall construction time.  You will only need to assemble the two fuselage halves together, install the tail post, aft skins, and firewall to be ready for spar installation.  Materials used for construction of the fuselage are per plans with mahogany plywood skins.  Not only will this fuselage save time but due to current manufacturing technologies and professional tooling, the end product will be more consistent, reliable and guaranteed to work with all of nV|Aero's KR-2S Fast Build kits.  This kit also includes a set of plans with a serial number issued by Rand Robinson Engineering.

For more information about the Fast Build Fuselage read this article.

How to Order?:

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Product Features:

    Saves Months of Building Time More Esthetically Pleasing Profile 2" Wider Than Stock at shoulders Increased Comfort for Two Adult Passengers More Consistent End Product Guaranteed to Work With PreMolded Top Decks and Cowlings

What’s Included:

    Fastbuild Fuselage Spruce and Plywood Kit needed to finsih off the Fuselage T-88 Structural Adhesive  Materials you need to complete the firewall KR-2S Plans and Builders Manual

Product Specifications:

    Max Width: 40 in. (at top longeron) Leg Room: 46 in. Seat Bottom Length: 24 in. Seat Back Angle: approx 65 degrees Instrument Panel Height: approx 9 in. Luggage Area: approx 3 cu. ft.


    Pre-Cut Stainless Steel Firewall 

Technical Details & Compatibility:

    Compatible with: All

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