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2 feniex t3s & intersection bracket bundle - D-50015 reviews, prices and ethical sellers

Ethical Sellers of 2 feniex t3s & intersection bracket bundle - D-50015

2 feniex t3s & intersection bracket bundle sold by for $89.97

Item description

Two Feniex Version 3 T3s & Intersection Bracket in one easy bundle! The small yet extremely bright T3 pairs great with our intersection bracket. Safely respond to emergencies and be seen on both sides of intersections. The intersection bracket requires minimal or no drilling at all for an installation around your existing license plate.

The kit includes 2 of the new and improved Feniex Version 3 (V3) T3 LED grille light is one of the brightest and most affordable LED warning lights on the market. With its compact size and affordability, the V3 T3 is unmatched with brightness compared to other grille lights. With several bracket options, the ability to fit almost anywhere including the grille, license plate, on motorcycles, and more! Their brightness makes the Feniex T3 LED warning lights one of the brightest and most compact surface mount LEDs on the market and perfect for any emergency vehicle. Available in amber, blue, red, white, and green, the Feniex T3 LED grille lights are perfect for any situation including police lights, firefighter lights, and more! 

The all new updated firmware for the Feniex V3 T3 LED Surface Mount grille lights allows them to sync with other Version 3 T3 LEDs and also Feniex Fusion Version 3 LED warning lights! The new firmware also updates the flash patterns to make them faster, catching the attention of other drivers at the most critical times. 


Version 3 (V3) Feniex T3 Surface Mounts will only sync with V3 T3, Feniex Fusion V3 products and Feniex V3 Cannon Hide-a-Way. 

They WILL NOT sync with Version 2 (V2) Feniex T3, Feniex Fusion V2 products, or Feniex V3 Cannon Hide-a-Way. 

Do you have Version 2 or Version 3?


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Reviews of 2 feniex t3s & intersection bracket bundle - D-50015

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2 feniex t3s & intersection bracket bundle buyers from say...
"These lights on their own will light up the area you're traveling. Lots of patterns to choose from. Highly recommended for anyone with lots of intersections between you and the destination."
2 feniex t3s & intersection bracket bundle buyers from say...
"Easy way to protect my intersection sides. Was pleased at how easy it was to mount"
2 feniex t3s & intersection bracket bundle buyers from say...
"When I received the mount and light bundle it seemed really nice until I noticed no way to really mount it due to no hardware for mounting the bracket to the vehicle. Maybe the hardware was not included on accident but ended up using another mounting option. "
2 feniex t3s & intersection bracket bundle buyers from say...
"The t3 lights are excellent lights for clearing intersections, They are incredibly bright and highly visible even at license plate level. The "Universal Bracket" is anything but universal. It actually took longer to deal with the bracket than it did to wire the lights. The side holes were way to big for the T3 light screws so I had to track down screws for that. The holes to mount the bracket to the car are also much larger than normal forcing me to drill bigger holes than the manufacturer holes. The holes for the license plate, also way to big. Normal license plate screws didn't work so I had to go out and buy a nut and bolt assembly in order to secure my plate to the bracket. I drive an '11 Taurus so one would think the fit would be a sure thing. It was not. Summary, buy the lights, save your money on the bracket."
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