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2020 245 miller x-arm 4-link dragster - $14995 reviews, prices and ethical sellers

Ethical Sellers of 2020 245 miller x-arm 4-link dragster - $14995

2020 245 miller x-arm 4-link dragster - $14995 sold by for $14995

Item description
2020 245" MILLER X-ARM 4-LINK DRAGSTER for sale in Spring City, TN, Price: $14,995

Car in stock. Can be completed to whatever completion desired. 245" Wheelbase-24" Wide 4130 Chromoly Chassis Fully fixtured, Professionally welded Streamline bipod front end Low Profile Cage with custom designed roll cage exit handles Lightweight aircraft dzus's and tabs throughout Custom dzus in fiberglass seat with custom embroidered seat cover Seat belt mounts and seat belt hooks Adjust.brake pedal with grease serts-NO LOCK OUT DESIGN Adjustable throttle pedal Adjustable Pedal Stop Parachute mount and pull point Master cylinder mount-NO LOCKOUT DESIGN Master cylinder linkage Brake line tabs Complete steering linkage with safety stops Custom polished steering wheel Stilleto 4130 chromoly spindles with caps,arms,thrust washer,and all necesary hardware Stilleto steering box with dust boots Custom formed CNC dash panel with all cut-outs-many styles to chose from Custom removeable dzus on dash cover with dzus Universal shifter mount Remote master cut-off switch and cable mount Weight bar mounts Helmet hook Wiring terminal strip mts. C02 bottle mt. tabs behind dash for easy access Charge post mt. On off cable mts. CNC parachute realease handle and mt. Single or dual battery tray and hold down Ground studs welded throughout chassis Dzus in knee cover Dzus in ignition tray Cable slots throughout chassis with weld on support plates Fuel cell with large filler neck ,-10 Outlet,-8 Return, and -6vent Fuel cell protector plate 5052 alloy 2 piece aluminum floor pans (dzus in ) and 2 piece aluminum fire wall ( dzus in ) Custom designed CNC aluminum rear protector plate Custom designed CNC front and mid motor plates, T 6061 aluminum with support braces and tubular gusset Custom Radiator mount tabs Custom Transmission cooler mount tabs Custom trans ring with handle Lightweight tran stabilizer rods Remote water pump mt. Universal fuel pump mt. Recirculation can mt. Lean out valve mt. Headlight tabs Interior on-off provisions Interior fuel shut off provisions Dual remote start button mts. Eliptical parchute pack mt. and pull point Tail light mount-OVER CHUTE DESIGN NHRA/IHRA LEGAL Streamline aircraft 5052 alloy aluminum

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