Downloadable list of 3,382,435 charity websites in CSV or MySQL format

I've decided to release my charity database to help others with their non-commercial good cause projects. This is a downloadable list of 3,382,452 charity websites in CSV or MySQL format.

This list was built by taking a huge list of 221,368,740 domain names I've complied from multiple online sources and checking which of those domains have active websites and which of those websites have keywords on their homepage's that would likely mean they are a charity or non-profit organisation.

I believe it's accuracy to be above 99%. In addition to domains, the dataset also includes my system's best guess at the website's logo. I make no claims about the accuracy of that part, it's surprisingly tricky. Also in another table/csv you'll find metadata I pulled from each domain such as the website's title and meta tag description.

Download domains as CSV / MySQL
Download domain metadata as CSV / MySQL

If you think this resource will help others in their work please feel free to link to this page.

Licence: This dataset may not be used in a commercial manner without my prior consent. If it is used in a non-commercial manner please link back to this website to give credit.

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