About Ethical Sellers 😇
What is Ethical Sellers?
Ethical sellers is a website dedicated to helping people find online stores to buy from that support the causes that matter to them.
We currently have over 300,000 online stores and over 3,000,000 million charity and non-profit organisations in our database. If an online store has supported a charity you care about, we'll probably have that in our searchable database.

Who runs Ethical Sellers?
The website is run by me (Jamie) and only me currently. I do all the software development, web design, and what limited marketing I can do. All while balancing this with my 9-5!

Me and my German shepherd called Ida. They always try and lick you at the worst times!

Why did you start Ethical Sellers?
I wanted to give people the power to find online stores that were aligned with their ethical values, I believe if there is a problem that needs solving putting pressure on businesses to also solve that problem is a great way to make the world a better place.
We can put pressure on those businesses by only buying from the ones that are supporting charities and causes you care about.

Is Ethical Sellers free?
Yes! Ethical sellers is 100% free there are no costs or subscriptions or anything like that.

Can I do anything to help?
Yes! Please share this website on Facebook or link to us if you have a blog.

I've got a great idea for the website, can I send it to you?
Yes! Please do, I love getting feedback from you guys. Anything I can do to make the site better would be great.
Please use my contact page here

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