Ethical Sellers 😇

Ethical Sellers is the world's largest collection of online shops and their items that is searchable by the causes they support.

Our website allows you to not only compare prices of online items you'd like to buy but also allows you to filter to online stores that support those causes that you hold dear such as anti-racism or homelessness.

We currently have over 3,000,000 charities, non-profits and good cause organizations in our database and 500,000 online stores.

If like many you've felt the devastating effect cancer has had on many families and you'd like to make your next online purchase from an online store that has donated to cancer research our website will find that online store for you.

If like many you are concerned by the decimation of the high street and unstoppable rise of multinational businesses our website can show you small family ran online stores you can purchase your item from.

Do you love your local area and would love to buy your items locally but can't? You'll be surprised how many online sellers are based in your local area. We'll show you them all.

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Emma Smith

"I use Ethical Sellers to help me find christian owned websites that help support my lord and his work"


Alex Hyde

"Ethical sellers allows me to buy from online stores that actually take climate change seriously"


Jane Brown

"Ethical Sellers helps me find online stores that have donated to charities that support survivors of domestic violence"

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